If you are going to build a new swimming pool it’s important to choose the filtration type that works best for your needs. There are several types of filtration options that you could choose which can suit the type of pool you may have and your overall budget. Different types of filters will have different maintenance requirements and configurations. Here are some of the main differences between a cartridge filter vs sand filter:

Sand filters

A sand filter is one of the oldest forms of filtration in a swimming pool. This type of filter consists of a large globe shaped section that contains a silica sand or filter sand. As water continues to flow through the filter it passes through the sand and the particles and other dirt gets trapped into the system. Sand filters will remove particles that are as small as 20 microns and the filter can last for up to 10 years depending on how frequently you filter your pools water.

The back washing of a sand filter is an important part of the maintenance and this is one of the only real requirements that you need to consider as part of having one. If you don’t backwash regularly (at least once a month) you will have inefficiencies with your overall filtration system. For example, when particles continue to get trapped in the filtration and restrict the amount of water that flows back into the pool this will lead to strain on your pool pump. Luckily this type of filter comes with a pressure gauge that can indicate when the sand is clogged up with dirt and debris. When you start to see the pressure spiking this can signal a requirement for you to perform a backwash and send the dirty water out via the backwash pipe.

Overall, the sand filter is most commonly used by our team of Gold Coast pool builders as a preferred option. This is partly due to the reduced time it take in maintenance and cleaning. – Simply backwash and away you go! This is as opposed to a cartridge filter where you need to regularly and manually hose out the cartridge elements.

Cartridge filter element for swimming pool filter.

Cartridge filters

A cartridge filter is also quite a popular choice for Gold Coast homeowners. Cartridge filters consist of a two piece pump system that involves a cartridge which is similar to what you’d find on a furnace or inside your car. Water is pushed into the tank via your pool pump, and it then flows through the cartridge membrane which will continue to filter out the debris and particles. The debris is trapped inside the fabric of the cartridge ensuring that water flow back into your pool comes out clean and clear. These types of cartridges are capable of filtering out items that are as small as 10 microns which can be perfect for preserving the quality of water inside your pool. – A much finer filtration than that of your Sand Filter! The cartridge inside the filter will last between one to three years and this replacement process can be quite easy given that most Gold Coast pool shops stock all of the commonly used brands.

A cartridge filter is relatively easy to care for and it doesn’t require ongoing back washing like a sand filter. This can keep more of the chemicals and water inside your pool, cutting down on the costs of running and maintaining for your swimming pool.

If you are interested in learning more about the type of filter that you should be using for your pool, you should consider the differences between these two options carefully. Both filters can be an excellent choice for your pool but it is important to get access to a filter that suits your budget and maintenance requirements. Our team of pool contractors will guide you through this process.

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