Choosing A Concrete Pool

What To Consider When Buying A Concrete Pool

When you are choosing a concrete pool to build on the Gold Coast there are many decisions to make. You will need to decide on a builder with a reputation for completing projects with successful results, streamlining the construction process making it as easy as possible. Other key decisions may include some or all of the following in addition to many more;

Why? – evaluate the reasons why you are looking at installing a concrete pool.

Budget – what is your all out budget for the construction of a concrete pool.

Shape of the pool – due to the flexibility of building with concrete your options are reasonably unlimited here, allowing you to design a concrete pool which best suites your environment, lifestyle and other needs.

Location – this is dependent on the size of your backyard, occasionally you are limited on where you can place the pool.

Size of the pool – dependent upon your backyard, its size, contours, etc. They will all impact the size of the pool which you are able to build.

Depth of the pool – how deep do I want the pool, do I want a shallow area or large step.

Style of the pool – formal, informal, billabong, tropical

Surface choice – tile, plaster, exposed pebble, light, dark etc.

Landscaping – further complimenting your pool style through appropriately themed landscaping, including formal, informal, bush, tropical, etc.

Pool fencing – what style of fencing is best going to compliment your new pool and not impede its magnificence.

Chlorine or Saltwater – there are no real advantages of disadvantages to either pool system and neither will adversely affect the construction of your pool. When deciding consider your lifestyle and which will suit best. If you have allergies or sensitive skin you may want to consider a saltwater system.

Extras – are there any extras which we have not covered that you may want with you pool such as an attached spa, under water lighting system, water slides¸ etc.

For further information or help on choosing a concrete pool ensuring you are getting the most bang for your buck call the experts at Cozy Pools, Gold Coast leading builders of concrete swimming pools.

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