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Make An Informed Decision 

If you have recently decided to add a pool to your home, you will now need to determine who are best pool contractors Gold Coast has on offer to complete the job.  There are many pool contractors based on the Gold Coast, so it’s important to do your homework to ensure you end up with the right one for you.  Selecting a pool contractor isn’t always about who can provide you with the cheapest quote.  You want to ensure they are professional, reputable and trustworthy.  We have put together the below checklist to help you to determine which pool contractor is best for you. 


You want to be sure that your pool contractor is attentive and a good communicator.  If you can establish this before starting work with them, you’ll have assurance that they will do their best to complete the work within the agreed timeframes and that they’ll keep you updated along the way.  You can measure this by noting whether they arrive for your meeting on time, and send quotes or correspondence as promised.  Using a contractor who doesn’t offer deadlines when it comes to pre-sales, can be a warning sign that they may be a little unreliable or vague when it comes to completing the actual work.


When you engage with a pool contractor, you will have a vision or at least an idea of how you want your finished pool to look.  As the pool contractor is the expert and may not be able to turn all of your dreams into reality, they should offer solutions as close as possible to meet your expectations.  It’s also important to know what types of materials they intend to use.  You want to look for a pool contractor who has access to a wide range of quality pool materials to ensure your investment will be long lasting.  It’s also worth finding out how flexible and honest the pool contractor is with quotes vs. actual.  Confirm that if one phase takes considerably less time than estimated, whether the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Reviews On Gold Coast Pool Builders

Most companies will have a few negative reviews and I’d be sceptical of those who don’t.  Have a read of online reviews (not just those listed on their websites) and if there’s anything particularly concerning to you, ask your pool contractor for the full story and find out how they responded to the feedback.  You could also ask your Gold Coast pool contractor to put you in touch with a couple of their past customers so that you can speak to them about their experience first hand.  

Experience, Licenses and Associations

Choosing an established pool contractor will mean they have more experience and therefore more reviews and more evidence to give you a good idea of what you can expect from them.  On the Gold Coast, pool contractors are required to have a QBCC Pool Construction Licence so it’s worth confirming this before starting any work.  It’s also worth finding out whether the pool contractor is a member of any industry associations such as Master Builders or SPASA and checking what benefits or protection this provides you. – Check out QBCC’s Homeowners Guide To The Building Process

Do Your Research

It’s worth researching a number of different pool contractors, asking yourself the above questions and requesting quotes from those you like.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions or request more information if you need it.  You want to know that your pool contractor will meet your needs and provide you with the best service and quality work to construct your dream pool.

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