Gold Coast Pool Construction Laws

Simplifying the Compliance Pool Construction Process

Cozy Pools offer our concrete pool building services to residents living in Southern Brisbane the Gold Coast and Northern NSW. When you embark on a major undertaking such as the construction of a pool you need to be fully aware of council regulations which govern the construction process, including issuing of permits and permission.

Following we are going to give you an idea of the compliance pool construction requirements from the Gold Coast City Council.  Do not fear though, as experienced pool builders in the local area with many years of experience Cozy Pools are familiar with all the regulations and compliance pool construction providing comprehensive assistance during the submission stage and throughout the construction period.

GOLD COAST CITY COUNCIL – Local Law No. 31 (Swimming Pools)

  1. Citation
  2. Objects
  3. Definitions
  4. Application
  5. Approval Required
  6. Siting and Safety
  7. Minimum Requirements
  8. Water Tightness
  9. Angles
  10. Lining of Swimming Pool
  11. Removal of Extraneous Matter
  12. Approved Equipment
  13. Coping
  14. Surround
  15. Water Supply
  16. Water Clarity Test
  17. Filling and Emptying Swimming Pool
  18. Dressing, Ablutionary and Sanitary Accommodation
  19. Lighting
  20. Registration
  21. Application for Registration
  22. Lifesaving Notices
  23. Application Fees and Charges and permit Fees
  24. Miscellaneous
  25. Penalty
  26. Outdoor Swimming Pools on Land Other than Residential Land Must be Fenced
  27. Application for Exemption from Fencing
  28. Revocation of Decisions
  29. Advice as to Compliance
  30. Access to Outdoor Swimming Pools Must be Kept Secure
  31. Prescribed Standards for Fencing

As you can see the list of regulations and compliance pool construction is exhaustive and seems a little overwhelming, however by engaging a professional concrete pool construction professional such as Cozy Pools this daunting process suddenly becomes very simplified and easy to manage.

To simplify your concrete pool construction process contact the local experts at Cozy Pools!

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