Coating Options For Your Concrete Pool

Concrete Swimming Pool Coating Options

When building your concrete swimming pool you will have the option of incorporating a designer concrete coating for the finish of your choice. How much nicer it will be to have that point of difference for your new swimming pool.  The savvy customer will want to explore benefits and drawbacks on individual products and their final appearances.

It is important to remember that your pool finish will be submerged constantly and exposed to chemicals therefore it needs to be resistant and hard-wearing. To help maintain the longevity of your selected product regular pool maintenance in required.

Designer concrete coatings are there to enhance the appearance of your pools surface and reflective qualities once submerged. All products used can be manipulated to fit every design and shape bending to curves and contours.

Pool tile – Offer customised finished for your design. You are able to select from single tile colours or select a multitude of colours which when combined will reflect under the water’s surface creating colours. Other options include incorporating mosaics and patterns of any design either on the base of your pool or along the top edges below the coping crating a point of difference and a truly unique look. As tiles are hard wearing they are easy to maintain.

Surface finishes – there are a number of surface finishes available in an array of colour to allow you to select a finish which truly fits your environment, style of pool . With this abundance of finishes available it becomes quite exciting to explore the benefits and drawback of each product in regard to durability, ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Pool plaster – similar to plastering of walls it is the original method of finishing off a swimming pool surface. White has typically being the colour of choice however with the selection of colours expanding over the years to include tinted variations it has given the pool owner greater choice to ensure that the colours in their finished pool reflect their overall desires. Pool plaster is an economical finish that is timeless.

Aggregate – Exposed aggregate or pebble finish is increasing in popularity with builders of concrete pools due to is inherent properties of variance, colour hues, and non-slip finish which provides pool owners with a unique and dramatic finish which can be maintained easily.

Any of the above mentioned designer concrete finished will provide the owner with a truly distinctive finish.

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