Concrete Pool Pebble Colours

Coloured Pebbles For A Stunning Finish

There appears to be no end of imagination (or cost) when it comes to lavish swimming pools. One of the most flamboyant we’ve seen for a long time is a pool that converts into a solid floor. Or is it a solid floor that converts into…well, never mind, we’re sure the owner has a very good reason for needing this!

But back in the real world, there are still many ways to make a swimming pool look a million dollars, if not costing it. At Cozy Pools, one way we recommend is to use coloured pebbles. These will give your pool a stunning finish and pull in the colours of your surrounds to make a truly beautiful relaxation space.

pebble colour options for pool

Most pool owners prefer the traditional blue water pool look. Take a glance down from your plane seat and you’ll see Brisbane’s suburb’s liberally dotted with azure pools. It’s an obvious visual choice, but there are subtle variants that can make the world of difference to your pool’s appearance.

concrete pool pebble feature

Pebble colours will change the ambience of the pool depending on the depth, amount of sunlight, time of day etc.  Also, simply by electing to use two or even three complimentary colours, you can add a significant air of distinction to the entire aesthetic of your pool.

concrete pool pebble colours

If you elect to go for a darker hue, this will compliment lighter deck furniture setting, whilst conversely a lighter hue will set off a darker set. Also, a darker pool will be more reflective of the surrounding area, whereas a lighter pool will naturally draw your eye into the water, away from the surrounds.  It’s all up to you and Cozy Pools will help you choose just the right pebble colour or colours to bring your outdoor space together perfectly.

pebble feature concrete pool

Swimming pool designs and finishes have come a long way; you can now make your pool the design centrepiece of your outdoor space. Coloured pebbles will give your pool a unique, stylish touch without the grandiose affectation of, say, turning it into a solid floor. What was it with that, anyway?

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