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Northern New South Wales is a place of opposites. It has a great mix of communities both coastal and inland, beach and bushland, hot and cold, but there is one thing the residents can all agree on: there is nothing quite like a swim in your own pool on a scorching day… or… on the other hand, wading around in a heated spa on a brisk evening. Variation is the spice of life and we have it in spades. Spades of spice. Just ask one of our helpful pool building contractors at Cozy Swimming Pools how they can help you to find the right pool for your needs.

Cozy are your go-to concrete pool builders with the experience and skills to help you achieve your dream pool. Don't be fooled. When we say we are building you a concrete pool, we don't mean some grey, coarse shell. Think of concrete as the sturdy base material that will stand the test of time, on which beautiful tiling or pebbling can be fashioned. Or adorn the area with a natural rock wall and have the pool blend into your existing garden like your own private oasis. Whatever you envision, Cozy Pools, your Northern NSW pool building company, can help.

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Your Piece Of Paradise

At Cozy Swimming Pools we believe that the pool should reflect the owner – literally and figuratively. So who are you? Are you someone who likes to entertain guests with an alfresco dinner party? Try a sleek and classy pool style with some tea lights and fibreglass shading to complete the ambiance.

Perhaps you enjoy having a loud, fun house on the weekends with all of your children’s friends coming over to enjoy a splash in the pool. Or create a serene space just for you to relax and enjoy. Nothing beats sitting in the water on a hot day with a cold drink, a good book and perhaps some ambient music playing on the surround sound.

But there is more to the pool life than just lounging around. Some people find that swimming is a great and fun way to exercise. So get a lap pool, ditch the gym membership, and get yourself something that will improve your fitness and the value of your home at the same time. Whatever the style, our pool building contractors will help you to create a pool and style to suit your needs.


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