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Resort Style Pool Builders

Summer is just around the corner! What is the first thing you think of when summer comes round. I know for me personally it is swimming. More specifically it is swimming in some gorgeous concrete pool resort style. Fiji, Vanuatu or any of those tropical islands would be my first pick. The Caribbean if I had a choice.

What if you could get your own tropical island on a smaller scale. Perhaps without all the added luxuries of staff, waiters and drink service but none the less your own. That’s right for a very cost effective price you can have your own concrete pool resort style built in your backyard. What a way to lull away those scorching hot summer days and nights.


If you answered yes with a big smile on your face, Cozy Pools have the answer! Our concrete pools resort style are the epitome of luxury, style and comfort. Constructed entirely from concrete they have the freedom and flexibility to be designed and shaped to suite any style, size and budget.


Close your eyes and imagine this. Palm trees swaying in the wind, the hot summer sun warming your skin as you wander around dressed in a sarong and swimmers or boardies for the guys. Crystal blue waters glistening in the sun and reflecting the moon at night. Landscaped gardens with white gardenias that send wafting scents of perfume into the air. A hammock or lounge chair. Tranquil flowing of water as it cascades down the waterfall. Now open your eyes again and voila there it is in your backyard.

Cozy Pools are specialised in recreating visions of concrete pools resort style for clients along the coast line. We know what works and in combination with our expert landscaping team we are sure to create your perfect tropical hideaway
(Not 2,000 kilometres away!!! But… in…. Your… backyard…)

Call Cozy Pools today the best concrete pool builder on the Gold Coast, Hinterland and Northern NSW.

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