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Nothing combats the sweltering heat and humidity of a Brisbane summer quite like a good swim. But wait, you don’t have a pool! Instead of driving for an hour to get to a crowded beach, waiting in line and paying for the public swimming pool or, heaven forbid, swimming in whatever liquids make up the man-made beach at Southbank, why not opt for your own pool in the comfort of your backyard? With the help of Cozy Swimming pools, your esteemed concrete pool builders South Brisbane, this dream can become a reality.

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Value For Money

Don’t just get any old pool. Sure, you could blow up a ten dollar kid’s pool and sit in it for 30 minutes but you’d probably be better off just having a bath. And above ground pools, though slightly more functional, tend to be a bit of an eyesore and little tsunamis waiting to happen. Instead, have our concrete pool builders South Brisbane create you a pool that will stand the test of time and adds value to your home. In fact, an article published by Australian Property Investor magazine shows that adding an in-ground pool, such as those provided by Cozy Swimming Pools, increases the value of most homes by around 15 per cent and, depending on your area, can add as much as 30 per cent to your home’s total worth!

Parts of South Brisbane can have quite high density housing, which doesn’t leave much yard space for a pool. But don’t worry. Our pool building contractors are able to create a pool in a variety of shapes and sizes, so even if you only have a small and irregular plot of land available, we can make it happen. Escape the heat and keep your front garden with Cozy Pools.

Style & Design

Now that you’ve made the decision to build a pool, and have enlisted the help of the best damn pool building company in town (yes, Cozy Pools), it’s time for the fun part – designing it!

So what will it be? We have designs perfect for parents with young children, for whom the priority is safety and durability. We have designs, such as the infinity pool, for those who like to entertain guests while showing off a little luxury and class. Whatever your style, our pool building contractors, experts in their field as they are, will work with you to custom-design a pool that will complement your home, add value to your property and enrich your lifestyle.


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