When you choose us, you can rest assure we are the best pool builders Gold Coast has on offer from handover and beyond. We don’t just handover your pool and leave you! We will guide you through how to maintain your pool and test your water! We even make ourselves available to help you with any of these maintenance questions that may come up from time to time.

Maintaining your pool on a regular basis is essential for ensuring clean and safe water for swimming in.  Keeping your pool well maintained can also prolong your pool’s lifespan, prevent bacteria from growing and reduce the need for repairs. 

We stock only the best in Dolphin robotic pool cleaners by Maytronics. These automated robotic pool cleaners are great for reducing the amount of time needed to keep on top of pool maintenance. However, if this isn’t an option for you, the below tasks should be completed manually each week.

Daily Tasks

1.     Manual & Automatic Skimmers

To prevent debris from sinking to the bottom and staining the pool floor or clogging your filtration system, use a long-handled leaf skimmer to gather the debris from the water’s surface.  Also check you skimmer each day to see whether it needs to be cleaned and to ensure the water is less than halfway up the skimmer.  If it’s over halfway, your skimmer will not function properly.

2.     Run Pump

Your circulation system ensures the water is clean and chemically balanced.  The system includes the skimmer, pump, pump strainer/basket, and cartridge filter / sand filter.  It’s important to run your pump daily to ensure your water is properly filtered and each item in your pool’s circulation system is working well.

3.     Test Water

It’s important to ensure your pool’s pH balance, alkalinity balance and sanitisation levels are optimal.  Test strips are a reliable way to test your pool water by following these simple steps:

  • Collect a water sample (ensure the water tested is not from the skimmer opening or return jets)
  • Quickly dip the strip in and out of the water and hold it still in the air for 15 seconds
  • Compare the colours on your strip to the guide on the packaging
  • Adjust your chemicals as required

Weekly Tasks

1.     Trim Surrounding Trees

To help prevent the amount of debris landing in your pool and hopefully save you time cleaning the pool each day, trim back any surrounding trees and bushes.  It’s worth completing this task before manually skimming as leaves and branches are likely to fall into the pool while trimming.

2.     Brush Pool Walls, Floors and Accessories

Algae and dirt can stick to the walls, floors, ladders and other fixtures so it’s important to brush all surfaces inside the pool weekly.  This will protect the pool surface from corrosive etching as well as preventing stains and algae from forming.  It’s a good idea to brush the pool after the chemicals have been added to help them dissolve and disperse.  Store your pool brush in a storage box or shed as sun, weather and high temperatures can cause the bristles to wither.

3.     Vacuum Pool

The pool will need to be vacuumed with either a manual vacuum or automatic pool cleaner. Follow your manufacturer’s directions for how to use your pool vacuum. 

4.     Clean Filter

Manually remove any debris that has gathered within your pool filter, and backwash it when the filter has built up 5-10psi of pressure.  If you have a cartridge filter, this should also be dismantled and thoroughly cleaned at twice annually at a minimum.

For more information on maintaining your pool, or to discuss automatic maintenance solutions, please contact us at Cozy Pools.

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