Gold Coast Pool Excavation

Things To Consider When Excavating Land For Your Pool

Whether you are excavating for a new pool or want to fill in an old pool excavation needs careful planning.

Remember the line from Forrest Gump that goes something like this – Life’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. Well that about sums it up when it comes to your backyard. We do our best to design and engineer your pool but until we start digging who knows what is buried in your backyard. Maybe you have dinosaur bones or some ancient Indigenous relics. If that happens best forget about the whole pool thing. But that is pretty unlikely. Let’s discuss some more serious options:

Ready to start building your dream pool?

We hit rock

  1. Move the pool, this is guess work, just start digging somewhere else and hope we don’t find more rock
  2. Elevate the pool in this same location
  3. Hammer or blast out the rock
  4. Fill in the hole and walk away

We hit ground water

  1. Hire a pump to remove excess water while the pool is built
  2. Extra reinforcement may be required to prevent a ‘cave-in’
  3. Elevate the pool as suggested above

What will you do with all the dirt that's dug up?

Take it away! Nothing for you to worry about

What will happen to my grass?

Well to be honest your backyard will look like a bomb went off for a while but by the time we are finished you will breathe a sigh of relief

Limited access or sloping site issues

Our experts are second to none when it comes to negotiating limited access or sloping sites.

Please don’t let all this scare you to death. This list is here to show you our transparency when it comes to your pool design. We will guide you every step of the way and communicate with you regularly to keep you informed and up-to-date. Our machines and quality tradesmanship are ones you can count on.


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