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Designing you concrete swimming pool could never get any easier with Cozy Pools, the best pool builders Gold Coast has for you! Our team provide best in class service from start to finish. This service is specifically beneficial when designing your new pool. We are not a ‘one size’ fits all pool builder, but rather a pool builder striving to turn your dream into a reality through our flexible swimming pool designs. – Take a look at some of our swimming pool designs and see for yourself. No two swimming pools are the same! We don’t say no, and we work on solutions to removing what other pool builders would constitute a blockage.


What sets us apart from other Gold Coast pool builders is the way in which we work with our customers to design their perfect swimming pool. We don’t do what most pool builders do whereby you are told ‘how it should be’. In fact we are quite the opposite and we love a good challenge and we don’t like to say no to a good challenge. Think about this! Have you ever been told that you can’t have a pool because your access is too narrow for machinery, and craning in the machinery will be too difficult? Well, this shouldn’t be a deal breaker! When the team here at Cozy Pools on the Gold Coast are faced with this very issue we work on providing a multitude of solutions whether that be craning in machinery, wheelbarrowing in and out, or utilising mini machines to do the job!


We recently had a homeowner on the Gold Coast who was told by multiple pool builders that they couldn’t get machinery into the backyard for the excavation of the pool easily because of the narrow access. This homeowner was told the only way is to crane the machinery over the house and this would cost thousands of dollars extra. The homeowner didn’t want to spend the extra money and felt his dream of being a pool owner would be short lived. However, this is where our team of Gold Coast pool builders come to the rescue. We worked with the homeowner to help minimise cost by working through alternative solutions. In the end we completed the pool dig by hand and wheelbarrowed the dirt out of the backyard. Yes, this was a very labour intensive job, but it worked out about half the cost of craning heavy machinery into the property. – This is a perfect example of where we have gone above and beyond in making this customers dream pool a reality.

Designer swimming pool on the Gold Coast

For a quote on your next swimming pool get in touch with Cozy Pools, your local Gold Coast pool builders. Our designers will bring your ideas to life and creating you a beautiful backyard oasis of your own.

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