Pool & Spa Heating Gold Coast

Options For Heating Your Pool Or Spa

Our knowledgeable staff at Cozy Pools can educate you in the pros and cons of heating with solar, gas or electricity. Our decades of combined experience will guide you to the make the right choice.

We have worked in Northern NSW, The Hinterlands, South Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. That being the case, our expertise have been enhanced by working in all different terrains with all types of clientele – from the exclusive country retreat to the ritzy city home. We can cater to all tastes and budgets. Heating Options:

Ready to start building your dream pool?


  • Harness the Australia sun’s energy and turn it into solar heating for your pool or spa
  • Panels can be installed on any flat surface, whether sloped or horizontal and does not necessarily have to be on your home’s roof
  • Rubber or strip type systems can be installed according to the contours of your roof and with careful installation blend in
  • Rubber or strip systems can be used on odd-shaped or smaller roofs to maximise exposure


  • Our gas heating systems are approved for installation on any combustible surface
  • There is natural gas or propane gas heater options depending on availability in your area
  • Gas heaters come with easy operation and safety features to protect your property and family


  • We have the latest technology with electric heating options
  • Different size heater for varying sizes of bodies of water
  • Environmental electric heater choices
  • Heaters to suit hot and below 0° environments

Remember to talk to Cozy Pools about heating your pool. Prepared to be surprised about how realistic is it to heat your pool for year round fun for all the family. Call today.


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