In-Floor Cleaning Systems

In-Floor Cleaning System for Pools

Here at Cozy Swimming Pools on the Gold Coast we can install your in-floor cleaning systems without hassle. There are many different brands of in-floor cleaning systems on the market. However, here we use the Paramount system which is renowned for its efficiency in cleaning swimming pools.


About In-floor Cleaning

In-floor cleaning systems specialised main drain is used to remove debris from the deep end of the pool.  In-floor cleaning systems have a series of pop up sweeping heads that assist to push the debris into the specialised drain. Once the debris is pushed into the drain it is carried to a container with a large basket it traps any large debris and all the fine particles go into the pool filter. Cleaning the basket is very similar to cleaning a skimmer and the filer is cleaned by back-washing or by cleaning the cartridges. Then there is the pop up sweeping head which works like a lawn sprinkler, they work in zones to sweep the pool from shallow to deep. The heads are also colour matched so that they blend with the colour of your pool finish.

in-floor cleaning system for pool

Traditional pool designs use old fashioned methods, such as robotic cleaners. These methods return the filtered water back to the pool and returns it to the surface through the eyeball.  This causes for the chemically treated water to remain near the surface of the pool and wind and sun cause evaporation.

In-floor pool cleaners circulate your pool water from top to bottom and all the levels of water are infiltrated and remove any algae and bacteria.  Water is continually moving so when it stops the water deteriorates as it becomes contaminated with bacteria and algae.

In-floor cleaning systems are automatic and are permanently in your pool. Depending on the fittings, many you cannot be seen and perform automatically daily.

Advantages of In Floor Cleaning System

  • It’s a system that is designed to effectively circulate water.
  • No tangled hoses or equipment in the pool.
  • In-floor cleaners are installed in the shell of a concrete pool.
  • Reduces the work of cleaning and maintaining your pool
  • Heated water is made more efficient as heated water is distributed evenly through the floor from the bottom of the pool.
  • The only maintenance required with in-floor cleaner is emptying a strainer basket located at the pool equipment pad.
  • Better chemical and heat distribution with an in-floor cleaning system as compared to a pool without one.
  • Cost savings as an in-floor cleaning system requires less maintenance and use less electricity.

Disadvantages of In Floor Cleaning System

The initial cost of an In-floor cleaning system is usually double of even triple of that of an automatic cleaner.

  • Any maintenance service will usually require an in-floor pool professional.
  • In-floor cleaning systems need to be installed correctly from the start otherwise the system will not clean properly.

So what are you waiting for? Contact our team today for an obligation pool quote with in-floor cleaning.

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