Lap Pool Construction

A concrete lap pool is just what you need to get into shape. Even if you have limited space in your backyard a small plunge pool with jets will do the trick.

For those who are serious about fitness a concrete lap pool is the ideal pool application. Traditionally, the length of a concrete lap pool is long enough. This enables you, the swimmer, to achieve a reasonable amount of strokes and tumble turn at each end without feeling restricted. The length is governed by the fitness of the swimmer. For example if you compete or are an athlete you will become quite frustrated in, let’s say, a 10 metre pool. Whereas, someone who just likes to jump in and include some laps in their fitness routine will be very satisfied with a 10mt pool. So careful planning is needed. 

Designer Lap Pools Gold Coast

For the best lap pool builders Gold Coast has on offer, count on Cozy Pools. We deliver flexibility when it comes to designing lap pools on the Gold Coast to suit any backyard. From small lap pools with swim jets to grand statement pieces for the swimming enthusist. For example, if you live on large property when can build you the large lap pool. Otherwise if you live in a small backyard we can provide a smaller version with incorporated swim jets. These swim jets will enable you to swim agains a current. – Providing that never ending exercise swimming experience! 

When it comes to designing your lap pool, don’t just think of a simple rectangular pool. Our team can help you include an infinity edge to your lap pool. Therefore, making your swimming pool a backyard oasis like no other. 

How much do lap pools cost?

Lap pools can vary in cost depending on size. A large lap pool over 10 meters long can cost between $50,000 to $80,000 on a small domestic property. Whereas a small style lap pool of 6 meters long with swim jets can cost around $30,000 to $50,000.

Things consider are the associated costs with building larger lap pools. For example, if you have a 10 to 15-meter swimming pool you will need to outlay additional costs for tiled or landscaped surrounds to compliment the size of your pool.

Our team always suggest including everything you want as part of your pool design and pairing it back if you need to reduce the cost.

ready to start building your dream pool?

Lap Pools Dimensions

Lap pools can come in different sizes and dimentions. A factor to consider when choosing a concrete lap pool is the width. No one wants to swim and hit their hands or arms on the side. Swimming laps need to be unrestricted. Depending on your arm span, and then space either side, will give you an idea of the width that is needed that will be perfect for you. The entry and exit steps or ladder also needs careful positioning. Since when doing laps you tumble turn at each end it makes sense that the steps or ladder be on the sides. Positioning these is important, bearing in mind the orientation of the pool in relation to your backyard must also be considered.


For those with a limited outside area, a courtyard pool can easily accommodate your needs. With the innovative installation of a powerful swim jet system this can turn any size pool into a concrete lap pool. The courtyard pool will be multi functional and make the perfect plunge pool.


In general, lap pools are shallower than the full size pools. The reason for this is that not only can you swim laps but it can also be used to walk laps to maintain fitness using the resistance form of training. Not only can a lap pool be a way to keep fit it can also be a sparkling backdrop to your entertainment area. With the careful use of lighting, water features and colour a lap pool can become a work of art. Our staff at Cozy Pools can help you get started and are happy to discuss all your ideas and get you on the way to owning a new lap pool.

For the best pool builders Gold Coast has on offer contact Cozy Pools. We will personalise your lap pool to suit your requirements.

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Malcom Woodford - Tweed Heads
Throughout the quoting and building process I am proud to say how happy my wife and have been with the whole process. Thank you Cozy Pools I will be referring you to my friends and family.
Ashley Garth - Pimpama
After service is second to none. I had a few issues with my filtration (didn't really know what I was doing to be honest), and Cozy Pools were straight onto it, came out, showed me what I needed to do to get it going. Nothing seemed to be a hassle... Thanks! Not usually the sort of service you get many places these days.
Josh Smyth - Burleigh Heads
We purchased a new house 2 months ago and engaged Cozy Pools to build our new pool as they were recommended by a friend. We didn't think it would get done so quickly! Awesome experience with this builder. They delivered our pool just as expected and were highly responsive to us throughout each stage of the build.
Jui Chu - Oxenford
Cozy Pools just finished building my pool. I cannot express how overly satisfied I have been with them and the pool looking great. Much easier to deal with than the pool company my sister used. Their communication has been amazing. I'd also like to say how honest Lee from Cozy Pools was with the quote he provided, which has no hidden costs and finished right on budget! THANK GOD!!!
Jeff Heather - Gaven
Cozy Pools just finished building our new pool. Our pool looks just as we planned with the salesman. They were very flexible when adding additional features I wanted. I would highly recommend this business to anyone seeking and honest builder with quality in their work.