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Are you looking for a pool builder in Pimpama that understands your needs? As a Pimpama pool builder we understand the needs of local families and commit ourselves in working together with you. Cozy Pools & Spas take the time to ask you the important questions to help you create your dream pool design. We recently built a pool in Gainsborough Greens, Pimpama in a backyard that had limited space and limited access. However, the homeowners were as committed as we were, so we asked all the relevant questions to help make their dream a reality. You can read more about their specific pool built by Cozy Pool Builders Pimpama.

Questions we asked when providing a quote

  • Are you looking for a pool builder that is willing to work alongside your home builder?
  • Why have you decided to add a pool to your house?
  • Are you wanting a pool to add value to your property?
  • Are you after a pool for your children?
  • Are you after a pool to create a relaxing backyard oasis?
  • Are you looking for health benefits or magnesium, or exercise?
  • How big do you want your pool?
  • Are you wanting to maximise on your space?
  • Do you swill want to utilise and area of your yard that’s big enough to cater for your children’s play area, and space for your pets to run around?
  • What kind of aesthetics are you after in your pool?
  • What colour interior are you thinking about?
  • What type of coping tiles would you like to consider to ensure it all ties into your existing elements and structures?
  • In terms of fencing, what do you think will suit best out of aluminium, timber, or glass?
  • Will you need to incorporate retaining walls to retain part of the yard?
  • In terms of your pool are you after an automated pool system to remotely control lights, chlorinator, pump or jets?
  • Would you be looking at a pool heater to enable all year swimming?
  • Are you looking at a surround area to have deck chairs or a day bed to relax by the pool?
“Whilst we understand that a lot of homes in Pimpama have limited access and small yards we will help you make your dream a reality”

Further to these questions we make a point of doing our research. Cozy Pools & Spas will also provide you with feedback and ideas based on other pools we have built in Pimpama and the surrounding areas.

What are you waiting for? If you are looking for a Pimpama pool builder that understand the challenges in the area and are committed to working with you, contact our team.

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