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Popular Concrete Pool Finishes

The interior finishes on a swimming pool design can help your swimming pool to transcend to greater heights. With the large assortment of stylish pool finishes available you, as a pool owner can bring your pool to life with a unique finish to compliment your lifestyle, home and surroundings. Each variance in pool finishes uses its own combination of colour, texture and materials to achieve a unique look.

Take this opportunity to consider what you are trying to convey in your pool. You will be living with your choice for years. There is no wrong answer when it comes down to pool finishes only personal choice.

AGGREGATE FINISHES – Are the new generation in pool finishes. Mix and match the various materials commonly used, including natural stones, pebbles and glass beads to your liking. The options are endless allowing home owners to create distinctive colour combinations for a one-off look.

With the enormity of materials available under the banner of aggregate finishes and the rainbow of colours you can get a look which suits you.

POLISHED AGGREGATE – contain finely crushed colour stones (granite, marble, quartz and more …) which sparkle with the light as it passes through the water creating magical environments which make the water seem alive. Blended to your liking the finish is applied by hand across the pool surface. It is then polished to bring out the natural shine and lustre of the materials.


EXPOSED AGGREGATE – tend to consist of more natural looking products such as river pebbles and glass beads. A common surface used for driveways it delivers a long-lasting eye catching pool finish which provides traction. If you are looking for a more natural looking finish exposed aggregate may be the one for you. It comes in a range of colours which is achieved by mixing different materials to achieve the perfect look. After application, the excess concrete is washed off to reveal the natural beauty of the products you have chosen. Common materials used in exposed aggregate pool finishes include:

  •         PEBBLE FINISHES – used for a more rustic or natural look, typically used for lagoon style pools you can darken or lighten the colour by varying the selection of pebbles
  •         GLASS BEAD – shimmer and sparkle in the sun. A perfect finishing touch to contemporary and modern style pools


TILE FINISHES – The selection of colour combinations when working with tiles is unlimited. Ceramic and porcelain tiles come in the largest range of colours from contemporary earthy colours to the punchy and vibrant colours of the rainbow. Recognised as one the most durable pool finishes available they can bring a pool to life. Tile comes in a range of options from the well-known square tile to tiles which have natural looks and texture associations.

MOZAICS – introduce mosaics into your tile pattern to create areas of interest. Mosaics are a great way to incorporate a touch or art ranging from ornate images to colourful patterns.

STONE TILE – A perfect selection for the pool owner looking for maximum life span from their pool finishes whilst creating a natural looking environment which blends seamlessly into natural settings. Natural materials such as limestone, slate, marble and granite are popular selections and can be used on their own or mixed to create a blend of colour and texture.

GLASS TILE – crate a timeless look that goes with any form of lifestyle from country to modern chic. Glass tiles allow the light to dance across the water. Being glass they are non-porous and impervious to stains making them easy to maintain.


The oldest form of pool finishes available. Plaster finishes are still popular today. If you are looking for a crisp, clean appearance you can’t beat plaster pool finishes. It is also one of the least expensive forms of pool finishes making it a great alternative for the budget conscious. To add colour to your swimming pool oxides are added to the plaster during mixing giving home owner flexibility in creating unique finishes which shimmer or melt away into the landscape.


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