Pool and Spa Combo's

Check out some of our recently complete pool and spa combo’s, also known as spa pools. This is a great solution for homeowners after the best of both worlds with a body of water to swim in and a separate spa to relax.

Pool & Spa Combination Options

When building your pool and spa there are a couple of options you can choose depending on the overall look and usability in which you are trying to achieve.

Raised Spa

Raising your spa over or next to the swimming pool is a great way to separate the two bodies of water. Doing so can provide a cost-effective solution to heating you spa. Why? Simply put, the smaller body of water in the spa would only require a small pool heater, it would run less, and therefore become a cost-effective solution to heating.

For advice and costing on spa heating contact our team.

Integrated Spa

An integrated spa with an opening shares the same body of water as the pool. Most homeowners opting for this integration do so to allow for better entertainment between swimmers in the pool and those relaxing in the spa. Adding jets a air grid into the floor will maintain that spa feeling.

As with the raised spa you can add heating, but the pool and spa combo is one body of water, it would require heating of the entire pool and spa.