Swimming Pool Safety

Keeping Your Pool Safe

Owner a swimming pool comes with inherent responsibility and the most prevalent of these would be Swimming Pool Safety. All private swimming pools or spas are governed by regulations and standards.

Any swimming pool which holds depths of 300mm or more must have a security barrier around the perimeter. The barrier must adhere to particular codes and regulations and meet Australian Standard 1926. To ensure compliance you can check with council regulations.

At Cozy Swimming Pools Gold Coast we are highly familiar with all the Australian Standards pertaining to securely fencing off a swimming pool, including fence height, distances, gate latches, etc. We offer a range of security fencing which not only meets the Australian Standards but has aesthetic appeal to complement your lifestyle, pool choice and room.

We specialise in the installation of swimming pools from inception through the final touches. Fencing is one of our key priorities and we take it very seriously, ensuring that your fencing is installed correctly and to code.

Glass panel fencing or vertical pool fencing, regardless of the selection type at Cozy Pools we will ensure that it is at least 1.2m in height; is strong and secure; has a self-closing, self-latching, child resistant gate latch at the appropriate minimum 1.5m height and vertical bars are no more 100mm apart and any horizontal bars are at least .90 metre apart.

The distance between you pool and its external fencing is also a key consideration and we will ensure that the minimum safe distances are maintained around the perimeter or that appropriate measure in instigated to ensure compliance.

When you build with Cozy Pools Gold Coast you can rest assured that you are building with the best. Our highly trained staff are continually being updated on legislative changes which affect the pool industry and we use this during construction to ensure that our customer’s pools are built with priority on safety.

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